Is it possible that there is life beyond earth?

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I'm confused, why are there planets and nothing on them? or are we not looking carefully. Think about this, what if there is other life on other planets but we can't see it. Like what if we are too big to see it and they are like microscopic and they probably wonder the same thing? but what if when we explore another planet in the future we bring a microscope? I think we should. Can someone please give me some answers? Thank you

I know exactly what you mean!

I think there is certainly life on other planets outside our own solar system, no idea what it would look like.

it often puzzles me that we assume life on other planets would be the same size as life on our planet, how do we know that aliens are not 2 inches tall? Or smaller, and have been flying around in tiny space ships while we dont even know it?

I think the odds that there are life "out there" are better than odds that there is not.. but I do not expect we will ever know - which maybe is a good thing.

When we look at Mars and the possiblity of life there, YES we are looking with microscopes.


I believe that statistically it is inevitable that there is life out there somewhere. The universe is too vast for us to think the earth is the only planet anywhere that supports life. We have already found evidence that there was water on mars at one time.

I feel the problem is that when we think of life on other planets or in other galaxies, we tend to think in terms of what we have seen on the movie screen. It is likely, as you mentioned, that when we find other life forms they will be microscopic.

Life on earth began with simple microscopic life forms, that were likely seeded by meteor strikes. If we are to believe that theory, then we have to believe the meteors picked up those microbes from somewhere. Just my thoughts.


Yes I do believe there is life on other planets, since the universe is huge it's hard to believe that we would be the only planet out there that's able to support life. That doesn't mean that other life forms would look like humans,

If you think of all the other life that exists on this planet alone, almost none of them look like humans - animals, insects, etc. Even on a planet like mars which most scientists agree probably can't support life now (but you never really know), however millions of years ago - some scientists believe it may have been similar to Earth, and mostly likely had water.


Life has been found on Earth that exists in conditions that life was previously thought to be impossible as in highly acidic pools of boiling water, as in Yellowstone Park.

This only goes to show that life as we know it, may exist in conditions we thought would otherwise be impossible.

At one point, mankind (or is that people-kind??) believed we were the center of the universe, only to find out later that we aren't as important as we envisioned ourselves. To think that we are the only life in the universe seems a little egotistical on our part.


Space is so infinite it would suggest life must be out there, somewhere. It would of course, at least life as we know it, need water to survive. So essentially we are looking for a planet which has, or could at least sustain water.

I suspect however that space exploration will have to advance so far to find it humanity will be routinely living in space before we discover other life.

Unless they find us of course....


Sure it is possible. There are a lot of planets out there. We do not have the technology to get a good look at the planets so we can not look carefully. We have barely explored are own solar system and there are places on earth that have not been explored. New animal species are still being discovered.

There could be lots of planets with life on them but we are not advanced enough to find them.