Is anyone impressed with the Super Moon?

6 Answers
Is it "super" where you are?

I will walk outside and take a look to see if it is visible right now. I saw it and I think it looks pretty cool. It does appear slightly larger and brighter than normal and I took several pictures, but they just don't capture the clarity and detail that the naked eye does.

The picture below looks more like some sort of an odd orb than the moon at it's closest point.


I can't wait to see it, its been really big last night and the night before. I remember how big it was in 1993 I was 13 at the time and thought it was going to hit the earth it was so big it looked about 40 feet big at one point. Looking forward to it hope I won't be let down!


I have not had the chance to look outside yet at the Super Moon. It is supposed to look a bit bigger then usual. I will probably step out on the patio and look once I get my daughter into bed.


Yes I can't wait to the super full moon tonight. I live in Seattle, Washington where its supposed to be brilliant as its been since like 1993 or something. It'll be great!


I am impressed, I have been outside enjoying the view at 8:15 p.m. here in Tennessee. I am going back outside at 11: p.m. after the moon is higher in the sky, for another look.


Yes I am very impressed with the Super Moon and I think it is brighter and bigger looking and I can't wait to see the Super Moon Full Moon it is very exciting god bless