If the safest place to live in this dangerous solar system is underground. Then why do human beings not live underground?

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What is stopping us from learning from the species that have survived multiple mass extinction and moving underground. It is highly primitive to live on the surface like this, look at the prairie dog. Why is the prairie dog smarter than us?

I totally agree. We should have built homes underground. Now, people are having homes built underground (well the smart ones are anyway), but most people are still above ground. I would love to own a home that is underground, especially with the amount of tornadoes that sweep through and level homes all the time.

The reason I can't live underground is because right now I am forced to rent. I don't like it. In fact, my neighbors tv is so loud right now and I wish I could do something to get back at him. But my husband is in the army. We can't just own a home. We know we will be sent God's knows where. When I can finally own a home, I will definitely suggest it and home I am not turned down.


Sometimes my questions need a little work given the hindsight here. I should explain a little more about what I am talking about. In my personal opinion the smartest thing for a advanced species as us human beings would be to create cities both above and underground. Yes the oceans would be a great place to live as well.

Anyway time and time again we see ancient cities underground typically built inside of mountains. Obviously thousands of years ago the human races was intelligent enough to know the surface is quite a dangerous place to live. We could start city by city house by house creating a massive underground city system interconnected around continents. Even cross continental assuming we would move under the oceans too.

Basically when a city goes up on the surface it also goes down. The safest place to be is underground period. Eventually something horrible is going to happen, and only those fortunate enough like the politicians and presidents who have underground complexes to stay in will survive. In the end the further down into a planet or moon you live the more successful you will be at survival. The ocean is just as good to live in as well. Obviously I know we are smarter than a Prairie dog, obviously that was a joke.


It is very simple why we do not live underground. Since we are barely evolved from the surface mammals, we are still very primitive. If mankind had evolved from some worm that lived beneath the surface, we would be asking 'why don't we get more sun'. 100,000 years of evolution is a blip in the life of the earth.

Should a very serious crisis occur, we would adapt accordingly. If it required that we live underground, under water or in space, we would expend every effort toward that goal in the interest of self- preservation.

About the prairie dog. We have evolved to a higher state of reasoning and intellect, but a prairie dog survives only by instinct and luck. Now if a prairie dog den had a door and air conditioning, I would consider it smart, but still not as intelligent as humans.


How much time underground? I'm assuming you mean like the time we spend in our home. Personally, I think I'd like to live in a 'hobbit' hole, or really something like a mobile home, structurally reinforced, water-proofed and buried into the side of a hill, with the front door opening out into a green-house/sun room, but that's another story. Living underground would certainly reduce the amount of energy you'd need for heating.

We'd still need to be on the surface for food production, energy production, etc. I don't think we, as a species, can move underground to survive any astronomical catastrophe for a sufficient length of time. Maybe a few of us could and that may be all that would be needed.


Alligators live underground?

It might make more sense to advocate we return to the ocean, as the depths are the safest place.

But the mammals evolved, forgive me if this doesn't fit your belief system, specifically because the surface world is a dangerous place. Mankind wasn't the top of the food chain -- we can't outrun many of the predators, our hearing is poor and our vision weak. If we had remained underground or in the oceans, we certainly wouldn't be asking existential questions now ...


Prairie dogs aren't smarter than us, they have better survival skills. Our societies though have it embedded in our brain process that only lower life animals live under the surface. Besides our bodies have adapted to needing the sun for vitamin enrichment, growth, etc.
Now while Bin Laden may have made cave dwelling popular, there one thing I couldn't stand about living below the surface - no seeing bikini cladded beach bunnies during the summer time. I mean I can give up only so much avoiding the sun's rays.


Humans need vitamin D. The way a Human gets Vitamin D is to go out in the Sun, for at least twenty minutes a day.

If Sun Lamps were installed underground, then humans could live like that and survive and even prosper.

It would be a shame to miss the night sky though.

But if Nuclear War breaks out, and then World War III, then perhaps humans may revert to being "Cavemen".

Save that tanning lamp, you may just need it someday, in the not too distant future.


The reason why we live on the surface is because we have evolved so much to live here.Our skin needs vitamin D from the sun and anyways the earth is unique in the sense that our atmosphere protects us from cosmic radiation and most harmful UV rays which make even Mars dangerous to humans.


Alligators skin and the fact they live underwater is what has really helped them thrive over the millenia. I am pretty sure that the crocks and gators skin can withstand higher doses of radiation. Radiation that would send us far underground.