How will Mars be changed so Earth colonies can survive in the future?

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A Dutch company called Mars One is currently recruiting people to become the first settlers on Mars. They will arrive on the planet in 2023. Four people will take the one way journey, followed by four more people everything two years.

They are not going to try to change the planet, but work around it, so to speak. They will have living units as well as systems which will provide energy, air and water. Although they will have food when they arrive, they will be growing their own crops in special units.

If you would like to learn more, there's detailed information on the Mars One website. You can even sign up to apply to be one of the colonists.


This is a hard question because Mars could be destroyed by a Comet or a meteorite in the next years. Mars could also be destroyed by its magnetic camp which is very weak to the solar eruptions and it is difficult to have life on its surface because its athmosphere is not very resistent and it was too damaged.

In regards to its actual fase life on Mars would be unlikely for other basic reasons, like the distance and temperature. Although water has been found it would be impossible the life in Mars for these reasons:
1 Temperature
2 Far location
3 Magnetic camp
4 Weak resistance
5 Easy target of Comets and Meteorites.


So many things would need to change on Mars in order for it to be habitable. For one, we would have no oxygen or habitable atmosphere. We can't plant trees or the like in order to produce oxygen as the temperatures are too extreme. We can't even live outside due to the temperature extremes. We could live underground in a shelter, or in domes as long as the atmosphere is fully controlled. This would mean oxygen scrubbers, water filters (we would have to bring the water), arable land and so much more. This will take our entire world working together in order to make Mars habitable. Even then, we're probably 200 years aware from that happening.


Mars has a negligible magnetic field, is exposed to the full brunt of the solar wind, and is inhospitable to life as we know it. In fact, a one way trip to Mars would exceed the radiation dosage limited by NASA, and other space agencies.

The only real way to make Mars hospitable is to steal a major satellite from either the Jovian, or Saturn system in an attempt to restart the planet's core.

The reason Earth has a magnetic field, is because our unusually large moon keeps the planet's molten core active.


Mars can't be changed, it's uninhabitable, period. There are two poison gasses in the air, there's no way to grow plants in the soil, there's frequent dust storms that cover the whole planet, and the sky is frequently red. The dust in the Mars sky occurs from each wind storm, which can easily be breathed into the human body and cause serious problems. Mars is too far from the sun, so its way too cold to live there anyway.


If they discover some kind of fuel on Mars then who knows what mankind can do. Perhaps it will be used as a refuelling station on journeys to other planets.