Does life exist on other planets?

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my question for members is : does life exist on other planets?, please answer it thanks 4 all

Absolutely, for sure, we'd be a bit conceited to think we were the only ones. I think the Government know about this sort of stuff but would never tell us because of the fear of mass panic. When The war of the worlds was listened to on the radio many people thought aliens had landed in london and a some people were so afraid they committed suicide. The Government would not want to risk this type of panic by telling us the truth.


I believe there is. Our universe is so big and there's many other planet too far away outside our solar system. Maybe those that are living from those planets are also wondering if there's other life forms aside from them.

I would say only time could tell when were going to have a clear answer into this, but I really do think there is.


There are different stories about life on other planets. I am 101% sure there is life on other planets as well. If not in our Solar System or Our Galaxy, Then maybe on some other planet in some other Galaxy or Universe.


That question hasn't been scientifically answered yet. It seems to me that, given the size of the universe and the number of stars, it's quite likely there's life on other planets somewhere out there.


Yes....life is there on other planets....our earth is only a small part of a single galaxy ..the are millions of galaxy that we don't even know... so i say YES


I say yes we cant be the only thing i existence hope this helps


Yes, chemistry creates life