Does anyone have proof that aliens exist?

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And that they are here on Earth, or have visited us?

No one has presented a concrete evidence yet. All are believe to be speculations and theories only. No proof so far that aliens exists.


Well it is not that far of a leap to say yes aliens do in fact exist. For one many astronauts, pilots and many other military personal have reported highly advanced UFO's. Just think about it as well, we have already found many habitual zones in other solar systems right here in the Milky Way Galaxy. As well you might want to look into "The Disclose Project" as they are very reputable astronauts, pilots, MP's, and many other military personal have come forward to show the proof in which you are seeking.

We have already found water on the moon, and even found water on Mars, water is common in the solar system and greater universe. It is already said Mars did have multicellular life as they have found in fossils, look up the ALH 84001 fossil. As they have found many complex fossils supporting the fact that life did thrive on Mars at one time. However Mars's diameter is not as big as Earths their magnetic field weakened greatly because of this fact and the planet pretty much died out. As without a magnetic field the atmosphere of a planet can blow off into space. There may even be life on some of Jupiter's moons.

However if all that is not good enough just think about this. The universe has been around for billions and billions of years, so it is egotistical to think we are the only life in this universe. As we are merely represents of an ancient super nova explosions. These have happened throughout this massively vast universe. Panspermia states that life simply comes from planet to planet from asteroid impacts and meteor impacts. Right here is proof as well. I truly believe microbes create microbes as well as intelligent species create other intelligent species from planet to planet. Either way they will say life came here from the far reaches of the universe the question remains where did that life come from. So that alone again proves aliens exist.

Not to mention recently earth has found multicellular life that does not require oxygen here on Earth. That perhaps will come to be the biggest discovery man kind has ever made in the next coming years. That alone proves that you do not need earth like conditions to create life. You just need some sort of stability as we have here. Considering the fact their are trillions of Galaxies and Google stars with solar systems rotating around them then it is obvious that there is definitely life throughout this vast universe.

Even I have saw a UFO in the sky, a red fire in the sky that hovered quietly this past fourth of July. I first thought a firework obviously however it was not as it was florescent which is different that a firework. As well fireworks do not hover perfectly still in the sky for over 5 minutes. They have now been reported everywhere. I tracked the one I saw in Ohio all the way to Michigan checking out reports over the period.

Look also at the ancient epics of India these correlate with all ancient religious text. They all speak of a war in the heavens witch means sky's above. In Nuremberg Germany the local tribune in the 1,400's recorded a similar event of things fighting in the sky's. I truly believe that they are the angels of the olden days, and they have taught us everything they know about goodness and how to live in a society. I think they had waring factions who came down and called themselves Gods and the good beings dispelled them, those beings being the angels. So we see it all through recorded history, that yes ancient angels are modern day aliens. Although they might not be liked calling aliens as that alienates them, and if they have helped us then this is not the proper term for them, as it should be angel.

If you seek you will find the truth, just do the research and see for yourself, do not let others peruse their truths, pursue your own. When the military's of the world admit it and bring on the new branches of science hidden during WWII and reveal highly technical craft then perhaps we may meet them. However when that happens everything will change, some will be happy, others will lose everything they stand for. Armageddon, how ironic the bible predicted such events so long ago. I never even believed in it until I started doing my own unbiased research on the subject. I know we have great proof of aliens in the past, just look at some of these ancient sites around the world and you will see. The proof is all around you, just look. Many people have witnessed many things like Moth man's and things like that most likely aliens.

President Regan knew something we perhaps didn't, and perhaps this is why the Cold War ended so suddenly.

?we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask you, is not an alien threat already among us?"

Take it how you want to, however Regan loved the topics of UFO's and aliens and if he or Nixon could the would have done it. However some powers to be did not allow them to. However if you listen you see that they have told us much.


There is at present no proof that aliens exist. We have a large number of eyewitness reports of supposed alien spacecraft and people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. However, while it is not possible to go through all these case by case and provide a rational explanation not involving aliens for each one, there is no tangible evidence, let alone proof. People can be mistaken in what they thought they saw or experienced, and for us to conclude that aliens have visited Earth we would need a lot more than unsupported accounts.

Proof of the existence of intelligent, technologically advanced aliens would have to consist of one or more of the following:

1. A signal (which could be radio or optical or something else) of clearly intelligent origin with a source identified as being far from the Earth, which is ongoing and can be detected by looking in the right place. SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has been looking for such signals for many years without success. All it has come up with are a couple candidate signals which were never found again, despite repeated searches in the same area of sky, and which seem just to have been glitches in the detection equipment, or possibly signals of earthly origin.

2. Evidence of large scale alien engineering projects around other stars or planets, for example a 'Dyson Sphere': a spherical construction around a star designed to capture energy. Such a structure would be detectable from Earth due to its infra-red emissions, but nothing of this sort has been found.

3. A provably alien artefact here on Earth: something clearly made by some kind of intelligence, but which, when analysed, turns out to have originated elsewhere (we might be able to tell this from the proportions of various radioisotopes in the artefact). Again, nothing of this sort has ever been found.

4. Aliens announcing their presence to us in a way that leaves no room for doubt. Needless to say, this has not happened.

5. In the case of non-intelligent aliens, the discovery of some kind of life elsewhere in the solar system: this has not happened, but there is still the possibility that some kind of dormant microbial life might be discovered on Mars, or that there might be some kind of aquatic life under the icy surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. Some evidence for life was found in a meteorite which originated on Mars: fossilised traces which resembled small bacteria, along with some chemical indications, but the evidence is not strong enough to justify concluding that the meteorite once contained life.

6. The detection of significant amounts of free oxygen in the atmosphere of an extra-solar planet in a habitable zone (that is, in an orbit around its star which would allow water to exist permanently in a liquid state). Life would be the most likely explanation for oxygen in the atmosphere: since oxygen is quite reactive, it tends to combine with other elements, so if it is present in a free state, something must be constantly replenishing it, and life would be the most likely candidate. We will soon be able to analyse the spectra of many extra-solar planets and thus detect oxygen in their atmospheres if it is present. The presence of oxygen does not necessarily indicate intelligent life, however; it may well consist only of microbes.

Until we find some evidence of one or more of the types above, we cannot conclude that aliens exist.


It is really tough to say whether they exist or not but there is always a possibility... Scientist say that there are thousands of different planets in the universe and that been said dont you think there will be somewhere in the universe that there are different kind of people staying..according to us we feel life is only on earth but that is for our understanding but there can be different kinds of life too! May be they more advanced than us and the reason they might be invisible for us is may be because we only see the things which we can and there are different things which is not visible to a human eye.
Stephen hawking said that if we achieve speed of light we can travel in the future and if you consider that then let me tell you that the thing travelling faster or equivalent to light will be visible for our naked eye. Now, according to me based on this theory, there is a possibility that aliens might have developed technologies that can surpass the speed of light and that is the reason they are not so visible. What say?


I have seen a ufo looking object in the sky and I believe that aliens are here watching us! I give that a high no doubt, considering we may look most intelligent aliens to themselves! I can say we may have got in contact with one alien, but that would have to be a very intelligent alien that knows how to translate there own language into English or any Earth Language, by the way, if there weren't any aliens then we can't be considered to be anything ourselves, because we are aliens to other living beings out there.


SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE IN THE LINE "Stephen hawking said that if we achieve speed of light we can travel in the future and if you consider that then let me tell you that the thing travelling faster or equivalent to light will be visible for our naked eye." WHAT I MEAN IS "Stephen hawking said that if we achieve speed of light we can travel in the future and if you consider that then let me tell you that the thing travelling faster or equivalent to light will NOT be visible for our naked eye."


i hear that there were alien exist on the another earth(world) Sometime they came and brought the man from the earth.But I have no proof to show you