Do you think aliens and ufo's are real?

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Do you believe there is other forms of life outside of the earth such as aliens? And do you think the photos you see of ufo's are real or do you think they are just made up to scare people?

Aliens exist on some planet, near or far, there must be life. That doesn't mean they are little green bugged-eyed creatures that fly to Earth and abduct people, but the sheer number of planets in the universe almost certainly guarantees there is life on other planets. The number of stars/planets in the universe is just too high to not have life on more than one. The number of planets was has been estimated to be astronomically high.

"This means there are at least 100 billion stars with planets in our Galaxy," Lineweaver said. "With about 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, our result suggests that there are at least 10 trillion planetary systems in the Universe."

The odds that there is life on only 1 planet out of approximately 10 trillion is very, very small. However, I doubt that aliens have advanced technology and are capable of traveling to and from Earth.
Source: http://dsc.discovery.com/news/afp/20030922/universe.html


Yes I believe that there is life outside our earth in the universe. We cannot completely say that there is life only on earth and it is not there elsewhere. Recently ISRO and NASA has discovered that there are traces of water on the surface of the moon. If such kind of water is available, then there is a possibility of life to be there. In the same way, we do not know where on this giant universe there would be traces of water and oxygen etc. which is essential for life to be there. Our earth is like a small grain of sand in the desert in this whole universe.

I do think that there is life elsewhere in this universe which we may not be knowing exactly. and as per the UFO and aliens pictures published by people, I can say that they may be some fake pictures just to scare people. These pictures may not be true. But that does not mean that there is no life else where in this universe.

To conclude, I can say that there is definitely life elsewhere in this universe, and I do not believe in this so called UFOs and which landed in different places on earth.


I had a experience that made me really think and question if Ufo's and aliens are real. We went on a trip to North Carolina and went to the Brown mountains. When we goto a certain area over looking a valley it was all dark and there was some random people standing around. As it got later we saw some pretty strange lights in the sky known as the Brown Mountain Lights. There was blue, red green ones moving in the lower valley. At first we thought they might be people, but they were moving through the trees way to fast to be people. Then there were others going up and down through the sky and in circles. They were to close to the tops of the trees to be a plane or anything else. We even talked some some locals who said they did tests where no one else was around and they saw the strange lights too. So that made me believe there is something else out there.


Most definitely. It would be highly improbable for earth to be the only life sustaining planet in the universe. Consider how big the universe is. Take a speck of dust, compared to the entire earth. That's like comparing our galaxy to the universe. We have already discovered planets that would be able to sustain life.

As far as UFO's are concerned. Many of them were probably fabricated, not to frighten people, but to draw attention to the person who created the video or claimed to have seen a UFO. However, the possibility of one of them being real is still there. It could be true that other beings are watching us. Guess we just have to hope they're the nice guys.


Supposedly, ufo's have been mentioned as far back as the Bible. Some claim that the fire that led Moses and his people, was really a ufo. I have definitely seen some things that make me wonder, but overall the biggest question for me is that if they were real, why haven't they made, real, substantial contact by now. What's all the secrecy, and "visitations" for. Thousands of years should be enough time to decide if they want to come to earth or not, and it's definitely enough time to "study" us.


We should believe them. This universe contains lot of stuff other than humans. We are in the planet of earth. We have 8 more planets and we don't know what is lying there inside.
Imagine, if the earth is the only planet has got the creatures. Then what about the others ?
Anyways ? Why do we have to break our heads ? Let us give this work to our scientists and let them discover something with a proof. Then we all talk about it.
It's an interesting thing. Is n't it ?