Do you believe there are other life forms in the universe?

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Do you believe there is other lifeform in the universe and why? Our own galaxy is extremely undiscovered let alone the entire universe, is it feasible to believe that there is life on another planet somewhere?

I'm sure that there are other life forms in the universe, and I think it's narrow minded to think that earth is the only place that's inhabited. The universe is so far beyond our comprehension, and we all tend to live in our own little egotistical worlds. I wouldn't be surprised if there were many planets like ours, with people living the same way that we do.
When I was a teenager, I was asleep in bed, and woken up by some lights in the window. I went to see what it was, and there was a saucer shaped object with red and white lights, hovering about 100 feet over the garage. I woke up my sister, who saw the same thing, so I know I wasn't dreaming. We called the police, and they said other people in the area reported seeing it too. The next day, the roof of the elementary school nearby was smoldering, and it had a saucer shaped burn on the roof! This was years ago in New York. Since then, I have no doubt that other life exists. I wish they had come forward, so I could have met them!


The question of other life forms in the Universe is one of probabilities. We can easily see that the probability of an entire organism forming from scratch is highly unlikely, but the essential small molecules that go into making the organism have been shown to form quite easily and under conditions that would be common. Nobody has been able to show exactly how the small molecules go on to become an organism, so most of the major steps are unknown and with unknown probability.

There are also many planets around many stars in the Universe. A great many are good candidates for places to harbor life and for life to have started.

The answer to the question you ask lies in the above two paragraphs, but the actual probabilities have not been full elucidated. Therefore there is no good answer. My own choice would be arbitrary and carry no particular weight, so I will withhold it.


Probability would suggest that it would be EXTREMELY likely that life has existed outside of Earth. The universe is very big. For example, the Milky Way galaxy consists of about 200 billion solar systems, and the universe could conceivably contain 500 billion galaxies of similar size. That is a LOT of solar systems.

The odds would suggest that the correct chemical soup has happened before or will happen again to create life. Time is a very important matter though. If you figure that universe is 13.8 billion years old, and life has existed on earth for about 2 billion years, that's 11.8 billion years before us. There might not be any other life at this point, but there probably will be, or has been.

So yes, I do believe in other life forms in the universe. It's very improbable that Earth is so unique that it's the only planet that ever has or will harbor life.


Of course. It would be a little silly to think that we are the only ones in the entire universe. We don't even know if the universe is infinite. We don't know if there is something on the other side. There might be something on the other side of the universe and I think that unfortunately we will never know if there is something because we won't have the technology to find out.

We as humans are amazing. We don't understand anything about our origins. Everything is a theory so I guess that there are civilization in a galaxy far far away that know a lot about our creation. I would love to contact them but I know it will never be possible and I guess that the sun will turn off before we are able to discover life in other planets.


I believe because we live on a planet in a very large universe, where there are other planets and other suns. There have been news that planets similar to our own have been discovered but are just too far way for us to investigate if there are any life forms there. But I believe there are, if we are here on this planet, then there is probably life in those planets, so yeah I very much believe. The chances are very slim, that we are the only intelligent life in this whole universe.


I think it is very likely. There are so many other stars and planets. To think this is the only special planet would really limit you. I know many scientists do not believe in UFOs but I think they are real. So many people have seen them. Other life forms may not be as we expect.

Many seem to think that there are people from other planets on Earth right now that are walking among us.