Do you believe that alien life exists on other planets?

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It seems strange that out of all the plants and stars which exist we could be the only one which has life on it.

When you consider the incomprehensible size and scale of the universe, the odds are insanely low that there wouldn't be other life out there.

The idea that humans are the only intelligent life forms in the entirety of the universe is very self-centrist. There are more than a hundred billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Many of those stars have planets, meaning that there are hundreds of billions more planets in our galaxy alone. Now consider that there are potentially trillions of galaxies in our universe, each one containing billions of stars around which orbit planets.

When you're thinking on a scale that big, it's easy to see that there's likely to be at least a few intelligent species in our galaxy alone, and probably many millions or even billions of intelligent life forms in our universe.

None of this is even taking into account that there is a lot of evidence to support the multiverse hypothesis - so you can see what I mean. It's very unlikely that we're alone in the universe.


Not much. I think that the planet earth is the onlynplace where the humans and other lives lives. I do not believe in aliens as this world believe. This world has already given us an idea of aliens. But personally I do. It believe I that.

However I do believe in existence of spiritual beings such as Angels and other spirits. Personally I believe in God and I believe that He lives and He is a spirit. Angels and heavenly creatures are there and they serve God. The demons and the devil is the destroyers of this world. Some times people see some of them spiritually and in a way they also like Allende to us. But that does not give us any idea about the alience that we all thing of.

However I do not have a perfect knowledge of this whole universe and hence our knowledge is very small and as humans we are limited. But one day I believe that I will know everything that god has kept for us.


Yes, I do believe that alien life does exist somewhere out there in the universe. I just can't imagine that with all of the galaxies and the billions and billions of stars and planets that exist in the universe that we are the only life forms out there. I would be very disappointed to find out that we are all alone in the universe and I have a hard time believing that the only life forms in the universe exist here on earth. I just hope that sometime in my life that we can prove once and for all that there is other life out there. I think that would be one of the most incredible scientific findings ever, to find proof that we are not alone.

Thanks for the question.


How can anyone say that aliens doesn't exist? I think it's very obvious that the universeis the biggest thing ever, there is nothing that compares to the universe and how big it is. planet Earth is just small compared to everything else in the universe.

Saying that there is no life on other planets is like saying that we don't need water to survive. It's just extremely ludicrous. You have to know that the universe is extremely big and there are many planets that we don't even know and we will never be able to visit them. saying that there are no aliens is just like saying that we don't need to eat food to survive.


Although we as humans haven't seen any forms of alien life on other planets, there is a very strong chance that such a thing exists. In fact, it's very likely that other life forms are out there as we speak.

The universe is absolutely massive in size and there are other areas of space that have been studied that suggest that life forms would exist there. There are many other stars, and more importantly, there are other planets that have been discovered that are very similar to our earths terrestrial and chemical combination. This suggests that life can flourish in some form or another.


Think about it. If the universe is as vast as we think it is. There's no doubt that somewhere the conditions for sustaining life are met again and other organisms were made in the same way we were. I think that surely, somewhere there must be some form of alien life.

See this quote by Arthur C. Clarke "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."


I believe that alien life probably exists on other planets. The building blocks of life are found in space in abundance, like amino acids are found on comets and asteroids for example. I believe life is probably abundant, and it's a lot like life here on Earth. I doubt there is much intelligent life though, or we would probably have found some signs of that by now.