Can you see planets without a telescope?

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My kids were asking about a bright star they saw the other night, insisting it was a planet

Yes you can. You can see 5 of the planets without the aid of a telescope. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all visible to the naked eye. Mercury is the most difficult. Depending on its orbit at the time, it will be visible for about 20 minutes before sunrise or 20 minutes after sundown and you need to be high enough to have a clear view of the horizon. Most of the time it's hidden by the brightness of the Sun.

Currently, Mercury may be seen just after sunset, if the conditions are right.

Venus is behind and hidden by the Sun.

Mars may be visible in the east, just before sunrise just above the horizon.

Jupiter is a very bright in the early morning sky, rising just after 2am.

Saturn is visible in the early evening, in the west, south-western sky


Ya you can easily see 5 major planets without telescope or binocular. Venus is the brightest planet we can see from the earth .I suggest you if possible buy small telescope or even binocular , and show your kids amazing planets and some constellations (you can see even using smaller telescopes). They look amazing in the night sky.. If you want to planets with naked eyes go to the village or outside of city where light pollution will be minimum.. You will even see beautiful colors of these planets.. I have built my own 4inch Telescope and i can see planets and constellations and most importantly lunar eclipse ,It looks so beautiful. (Don't see solar eclipse through telescope or binocular, its very dangerous & harmful if you don't take proper care . You need to use filters and all for that ,but still its dangerous.. there are many other methods to see solar eclipse... Don try if you don't know much about it .please read carefully about it.... Google it for more information.)

If You want to buy you can try these sites,
http://www.skyandtelescope.com/equipment/basics < This site is a very good guide.. checkout

Hope this will create interest about Astronomy in you and your kids and even in others!


You can only see planet Venus with naked eyes.It is known morning star.Every day in the evening and morning the brightest star in sky is Venus.Rest our milky way is great and vast and we cannot see the planet with the naked eyes.
There are 9 planets which are common and they are Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Neptune,Uranus and Pluto which are common in books.But our universe is not limited to only these 9 planets there are many other planets in the universe.Also there are many other galaxies in the universe which again consist of planets.
The planets and galaxies can only be seen with the high resolution telescope because our eyes are not that sharp to capture further sites.
Thank you for the question.


Yes, you can still see few planets without a telescope. The stars are very tiny and you can view them too. But the plants also looks just like the stars ,but those planets are much brighter and slice bigger than the normal stars.

But you can not see many of them them always in a same positions, but they are visible once in a while. But you can very easily recognize them if you are looking at the clear sky. But if you use a telescope, then you can view them much better and clearly too.

Sometime the weather department announces about the visible planets with clear directions too. You can watch them and show to your kids even with naked eyes.


It is possible to see other planets without a telescope, providing the prevailing weather conditions are right, which usually means a clear and cloudless sky.

whilst you can see some planets without a telescope, you will not be able to actually identify them and confirm they are indeed planets and not stars.

If you want a clearer and closer look at planets you really need to invest in a telescope.


The only difference between a planet and a star to a naked eye in night sky is , a planet wont twinkle because of its closeness to earth , while a star would twinkle because of it large distance form earth, the light coming from that far distance would face huge refraction form the earths atmosphere.also the planets will be in the red shift while the stars would be in the blue shift.


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You can see venus, it's probably what your kids were looking at. It's really bright and does not twinkle like a star. I think you can also see mars but not sure about it.


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