Q: Will Microsoft Win the Next Gen Console War?

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my question: will microsoft win the next gen console war?, please. thanks in advance

I really hate admitting this, but my next gen console company of choice has been making bad decisions lately.
(1.) Not trying to get exclusives [GTA IV, Assassins Creed, etc.. (2.) Calling their system a computer. (3.) And featuring a ridiculously high price [further lowering its accessibility. While on the other hand Microsoft has had a whole year to obtain an established user base and exclusive triple A titles including Dead Rising, Crackdown, and soon Fable 2. Also, with its year long head start, anyone who wants one can get one for much cheaper then they were when it was first released.
The reason I did not mention Nintendo's Wii is because from the very beginning they made it clear that they were not competing in the 'Next Gen War'(so to speak) hence the pricing and graphics of the system. Nintendo has set themselves up so that they are selling just a cheap 'last gen' system [hence the focus on much older games through their virtual console, or ultimate backwards compatibility as I believe they called it. Nintendo's Wii is meant to be more like a Dreamcast when the original X Box came out; as opposed to a Playstation when the SNES was around. ...

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