Q: How do gaming consoles work?

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could you answer me this question: how do gaming consoles work?, please. thanks in advance
I found a brilliant site which tells you how anything works about nearly everything you can think of, so i decided to look for the consoles at this moment in time and i found out everything from the Wii contoller to PS3 graphics chip et etc so click on the links below if you have ever wondered how certain parts of the consoles worked:
Lets start with the PS3 :
* The Playstation3 * Playstation3: RSX "Reality Synthesiser"
* Playstation3: Cell Processor
* Playstation3 Special Features
* Playstation3: Controllers & games
Now the Xbox360:
* The Xbox360 *Xbox360: Specs *CPU: Heart of the Xbox360 *Xbox360: GPU *Xbox360: Connections and other features
* Xbox360: The contoller *Xbox360: Live
* Xbox360: The games
And last, the Wii ; *The Wii *Wii: The interface
* Wii: Controller variations
* Wii: The news *Wii: Vs Gamecube
Some of those contain wild inaccuracies, like the Wii controller page that says "Thanks to the Sensor Bar, as long as a remote is within a 30 foot range of the Wii console, there should be no problem with the wireless signal." when in fact, the sensor bar does not receive any data. It's merely a couple of Infrared LEDs like the ones on TV remotes. It must be placed centered with the TV so the IR camera on the wii controller can track the TV's position. ...

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