Q: What is HoneyCMS?

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hello mybestanswer members i have a question about: what is honeycms?, please answer it quickly
HoneyCMS is a content management system written for the .NET platform. .Net 3.5 is the target .Net version.
HoneyCMS is an ASP.NET application written using C# as its programming language.
The content management system is Open Source. The original project is the famous .NET Starterkit "TheBeerHouse".
HoneyCMS maintains some of the underlying core code but the UI is vastly different and there are some added features that the original project doesn't contain.
This wiki is broken up into a three portals:
1) End User's Portal:
This portal contains documentation on using the HoneyCMS application. There are walk thru tutorials.
2) Developer's Portal:
This portal is for web designers and web developers. Here you can find out how to contribute to the system using the HoneyCMS API.
3) Technical Portal:
This portal contains the technical documentation of the HoneyCMS application. ...

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