Q: Can I invite people who do not use Facebook to my Facebook group?

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my new questions is : can i invite people who do not use facebook to my facebook group?, thank u in advance
Yes, you can invite non Facebook users into your group, but they will not be able to join until they register for Facebook. If you go to the "Members" tab of the "Edit Group Profile" page, you will see a section that allows you to "Invite People who are not on Facebook via Email." If you list your friends' email addresses, it will send them a group invitation. In order to join the group, however, your friends are going to need to register for Facebook. It will explain this process to them in the email they receive.
However, the message they'll receive looks very impersonal and feels like any other SPAM floating around. Ultimately, you'll just annoy other people, and they'll ignore it anyways. ...

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