Q: How can I drive more traffic to my website?

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this is my new question: how can i drive more traffic to my website?, thanks collaborators
Many options
* Learn about search engine optimization (SEO)
* Create great content on your site
* go on forums and announce your site
* Advertise
* Learn how to utilize proper keyword research
* Use social network sites to drive traffic, more info available HERE
* Web 2.0 Properties People with like interests gather here
* Article Directories write about your topic and add you article to top directories like ezinearticles and goarticles, articlehub
* Create a short video about your topic and upload to Youtube and TubeMogul
* Write a short press release and upload to binews.biz, boosh plr and place that automatically stream to Google news
* Social Media Sites you can join the conversation and brand yourself
* Generate Backlinks to your site for SEO purposes learn more here Traffic Ultimatum ...

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