Q: How do you say "god bless you" in different languages?

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please members my new question: how do you say "god bless you" in different languages?, please i need many answers
* Czech: B?h ti ?ehnej
* Danish: Gud velsign dig
* Dutch: God zegen u
* Finnish: Jumala siunaa
* French: Dieu vous bénit
* German: Gott segnen sie
* Hausa: Allah ya sa muku albarka
* Hungarian: Isten áldjon
* Italian: Dio la benedice
* Norwegian: Gud velsign deg
* Polish: Bóg b?ogos?awi? pan
* Portuguese: O deus abençoa
* Romanian: Dumnezeu sa va binecuvinteze
* Spanish: Dios le bendice
* Serbian: Neka vas bog blagoslovi
* Swedish: Gud välsigna dig
* Turkish: Berhudar ...

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