Q: How can I get my boobs pushed up?

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i have a new question which is : how can i get my boobs pushed up?, thanks
It's hard to answer this question without knowing much more about you. If you're under 16 stop worrying.
Your breasts will develop as you grow older. Some men like small breasts, others like larger breasts, some men mind if breasts sag but others don't. If you're over 20 and worried about your breasts cosmetic surgery is possible. Think carefully before you do anything. Many people of both sexes worry without good reason about how they look. if you decide on cosmetic surgery ask a responsible doctor to advise you and find out how cosmetic surgeons are acredited in your country. Many incompetent cosmetic surgeons mess patients up.
Another easy option i assume would be to buy yourself a Push Up Bra.

I completely agree.
Boobs do 'not maketh the woman; a woman's good character is what makes her attractive.

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