Q: Where can I find a walkthrough for 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica?

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this my question: where can i find a walkthrough for 24 carrot island on poptropica?, could members answer me please
this is so easy go to the house and get bowl then go to charlies work talk to him then go to the dinner and ask the lady to fill the bowl with the milk but first goto farmhouse 2 get bowl then when ur at farmhouse go upstairs then clik on taps n chase the cat downstairsthen itll follow u bring it back to workshp then lady gives u bar then goto factory (U HAV 2 GET BLUEPRINTS OR UR DOOMED!!!) then use crow bar then u go in how i got passed those open n closed thingsis just run at an average speed not too fast n not too slow o n get teleporter
now theres a rat go up on that little passage so ull pass the rat easily then go in vent use blue print so u kno where u r first goto printing press talk to lady with rabbot ears choose the last 1 saying "WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU?" then press switch she'll give u passcode its called "fuzzybunny" then goto place at the down right area but dont enter it ull find clipping thingies then goto freezer place then cut all wires then goto place u haven't went 2 then there will be another person do the theres something behind you question or whats that behind u question then as always press the switch then he'll say if the rabbit boss sees u without rabbot ears he'll capture u! then keep on going right press enter but ull go down a hole dont freak the boss isnt there. as i was saying pass either the falling crates or the crunchers (i dont remember XD) just pass the convenyor belt then ull find rabbot ears go back but u dont hav to pass the belt just jump on the objects i forgot XD o well anyway once u hav rabbot ears wear them or else... !!!ok now with ur helm on goto place where u fell in hole this time u wont go in hole ull go in entrance then theres rabbit boss with giant rabbit spaceship. the boss will say "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LAUNCH THE RABBOT SHIP!!" then climb on ship so u can goto computer theres another hypnotized guy do last saying then turn it off then clik on computer type passcode fuzzybunny then heres the fun bit (n funny) type command its on a note ull notice it easily now control the rabbot ship to complete it u hav to make the ship hit the space rocks 3 5 times then hes stuck in spacego back to town but use teleporter ull be teleported to outside of factory then goto main st. mayor will give u medal n ull earn 100 pop credit ...

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