Q: What are the teams for Total Drama Action?

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hi members a question about: what are the teams for total drama action?,please quickly, thanks
There are two teams: The Screaming Gaffers (the equivalent of the Screaming Gophers of Total Drama Island) and The Killer Grips (the equivalent of the Killer Bass of Total Drama Island).
The Screaming Gaffers consist of:
1. Gwen
2. Duncan
3. Leshawna
4. DJ (Devon Joseph)
5. Heather
6. Harold
The Killer Grips consist of:
1. Trent
2. Lindsay
3. Justin
4. Beth
5. Owen
6. Izzy (also took on the names E scope and Explosivo)
7. Courtney (joins the Grips in Ocean's Eight Or Nine after winning her lawsuit against the producers for her wrong elimination in Total Drama Island) ...

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