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Q: wat is chubb's last name on happy gilmore?
Q: What do sharks coming after you symbolize in dreams?
Q: What are the customer reviews on the cushies disposable diaper from ABUniverse
Q: Where did Bob Sanders play college football?
Q: Where should i go to get my ipod fixed
Q: What dose a rose symbolize?
Q: What is a cancel?
Q: Why is it that 24 seems to be obsessed with making the U.S.A. the bad guy Iran as the good guy! Its always the U.S. making the evil deeds. What!!! Does the radi
Q: Will there be a 'Wrath of Caine' SGU episode in the 2nd season now that there are earthlings left behind (though on a MUCH nicer planet than Kahn); was Eli's re
Q: Why can I not produce troops. I had upto ten pike men and dismissed them. Now all my troops choice's say max:0. What do I need to do so I can build my army agai
Q: Would we see any old classic Disney films that haven't been used yet for future Kingdom Hearts games like The Black Cauldron, The Rescuers: Down Under, etc?
Q: Would the wormhole drive seen on EATG SG-Atlantis be capable of making a round trip to and from Destiny's present location, and if so how many ZPMs would Atlant
Q: Will there ever be a PSA concerning the world's forlooming energy crisis, the conflicts over the remaining resources, and the National Ignition Facility (NIF)?
Q: Will there be a book about Jacob and Renesmee's life.? Like, if they get married and have kids.? Or will the Saga end after Midnight Sun/ Breaking Dawn?
Q: Will sega stop making main sonic console games where sonic is the only playable character like on Sonic Unleashed, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, and Sonic Colors?
Q: Will kratos be using the previous weapons and magic from God of War 2.the spear and the hammer were pretty good too.i heard that he will have the blade of olimp
Q: Will Oda takes any new ideas/characters from people/fans into One Piece or will he just continue with what's planned by him during the 5 years of planning befor
Q: Will Jack Krauser return in Resident Evil 6 because I don't think he is dead because he wasn't killed by leon and so he's very likey alive after his ada and als
Q: Will Capcom Make another Resident evil outbreak? And IF So will they finally learn thier lesson from alst time and just add voice chat? Short range voice chat a
Q: Why can perpetual motion not exist if newton's 1st law implies it can (not refering to a perpetual motion machine but to a bodu moving with perpetual motion)?
Q: Why did Satine order the tea smugglers' warehouse to be burned down when there was evidence in the warehouse and destruction of evidence is against the law?
Q: Why would Padme always try and negociate with the CIS to end the war if she had seen them invade her planet and try her for execution on Geonosis Wouldn't she r
Q: Why would Boba Fett be in the clone brigade Wouldn't Obi-Wan, having seen him with Jango Fett on Kamino and Geonosis and nearly being killed by him during his d
Q: Why were K'Krurk and T'ra Saa not killed off and were able to survive many brutal wars, the rise of two Sith Orders, and two Jedi genocides Were they too unique
Q: Why was it so easy for Dooku to sneak onto the surface of Coruscant at the end of Ep. 2 Also, why did he risk going there when he could have just sent Sidious a
Q: Why was Yoda so quick to dismiss, if he even considered, the possibility of redeeming Anakin over killing him, especially since he had fallen to the Dark Side m
Q: Why was Leia so quick to be pulled to Jabba, but that dancing girl who stupidly tried to escape could stay away from Jabba - Was Leia weaker than that girl?
Q: Why was Ben so insistent on always having ALL the candidates (for example, when Michael was bringing them back, when the Oceanic 6 were off island). Isn't 5 bet
Q: Why on Earth does the Emperor Lightning Leia in DE, he know she's pregnant and considering that blasters set on stun have a 50/50 chance of a mis-carriage, coul
Q: Why is the New Jedi Order allow marrage and attachments Wouldn't Luke know that attachments was turned his own father evil, allowing him to destory the Old Jedi
Q: Why is the Naboo Royal Starship slower in atmosphere than the Naboo Royal Cruiser, when the Royal Starship looks like the supersonic SR-71 while the Cruiser loo
Q: Why is it that when Grievous and Vader were made into cyborgs, Grievous was able to easily adapt into his new body and became possibly stronger then his old sel
Q: Why is it that when Captain Typho and Aayla Secura cut off Aurra Sing's antenee, it causes her to faint, but when Ahsoka Tano does it in "Lethal Trackdown", she
Q: Why is it that no one especialy Darth Sidious discovered the existence of Darth Krayt until a hundred years later And if he did discover him, what would he have
Q: Why is it that in the Death Star level in the Force Unleased, the superlaser fires about every thirty seconds, but other sources state that the Death Star's sup
Q: Why is Jabba shown to have many Twi'lek slaves in the clone wars movie and Sphere of Influence, but only Oola in RotJ Did he have them all fed to his rancor?
Q: Why in the end of the Star Wars the Clone Wars episode 'Cargo of Doom' you see a shot of Ahsoka and her lightsaber isn't on her belt but in the next brief shot
Q: Why in Harry Potter and the Philosipher's Stone did Hagrid pay 5 knuts for a Daily Profit and in Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix did Hermione only hav
Q: Why if you search Christianity or Judaism is something it comes up with loads of abusive suggestions, whereas if you type in Islam is, nothing comes up Are Goog
Q: Why havent they hook uped the long range cummunication device to acces the near limitless power of subspace to dial Earth or a glaxy close enough for atlantis t
Q: Why haven't the Tau'ri created a BC-305 based on both Ancient and Asgard technology, such as drones, shields, hyperdrives, and ZPMs, rather than the purely-Asga
Q: Why haven't the Destiny expedition thought about the range of the long-range communication device, which should speed up since they increased FTL speed efficien
Q: Why hasn't the SGC returned to P3R-272--the Repository planet of SG-1 0215 The Fifth Race--by ship to explore the rest of the planet, since it was clearly settl
Q: Why during enemy at the gate atlantis sheild were losing efficiency even through it was stansted many times they are able to stay active as long as there is eno
Q: Why don't they just make a battlefront for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii that combines every single battlefront like custumization, space battles, land battl
Q: Why don't the Jedis allow the usage of a red-bladed lightsaber? Is it tradition? Or is it because it is a way of identifying themselves to be separate from dark
Q: Why don't cloners clone Jedi to make a large army of Jedi; wouldn't that make it easier to end the war and to increase the number of Jedi in the galaxy?
Q: Why don't Anakin and Obi-Wan wear the armour they wear in The Clone Wars when they are rescuing Chancellor Palpatine in the beginning of Revenge of the Sith?
Q: Why doesnt the black hole destroy the supergate, and why isnt the area around the gate affected by time dialation and considering the gate is built right next t
Q: Why does the marketing mix change as the product moves through its life cycle How would you expect the mix to change for a novel home vacuum cleaning kit moves
Q: Why does the article on Noah's Ark in Conservapedia site references, whereas the same article in Liberapedia does not, and has a deeply sardonic tone, much like
Q: Why does the Star Wars character encyclopedia say Jek Laquane's striped leeku is from "mixed parentage" if Suu had already had Jek and Shaeah before she married
Q: Why does reflected light from the sun or moon appear as a column in the body of water how would the reflected light appear if the water surface were perfectly s
Q: Why does only Banjo-Kazooie have a game over ending when you quit, and not Banjo-Tooie or Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts; if they did have ones, what would hap
Q: Why does it say the Baja Breaker was started in 1978, when my original Black with no red stripe/plastic flip up hood/rubber Goodyear tires/Gray rims is stamped
Q: Why does every accredited university in United States requires the completion of a standard mathematics sequence through algebra in order to obtain a BA or BS d
Q: Why does anakin deserve to dance and celebrate with ewoks at the end of the first trilogy when he killed younglings and watched while the entire planet of Alder
Q: Why does Palpatine kill every Jedi one by one while he is leading the republic wasting only 3 years instead of taking most of them out during Order 66 and wasti
Q: Why does Leia even bother lying to Darth Vader in Episode IV about her identity if she had been a captive on the death star and encountered Vader already (Force
Q: Why does Hondo Onaka called Dooku's lightsaber a lightsaber when he's talking to Palpatine, but calls it a "glowy thing" when he's talking to Obi-Wan and Anakin
Q: Why does Galen Marek have the same lightsaber throughout the Force Unleashed video game, while in the novel it claims he loses his first when he is spaced?
Q: Why does Fives have his forehead tattoo in Clone Cadets If he was still training on Kamino during this time (and hadn't left the planet yet), how would he have
Q: Why does Ben Kenobi state in A New Hope that he doesn't seem to remember R2! He had known R2 since years during the prequels! Why would he lie, or did he genuin
Q: Why does Anakin have an apprentice in The Clone Wars series, but in Revenge of the Sith Anakin is furious that the Council won't let him become a Master, which
Q: Why do you keep trying to vacuum up that string, and when it doesn't get picked up, you'll pick it up and then put it down to give the vacuum another chance?
Q: Why do the time travelers conveniently travel through time within 10 hours of every bright light when Farraday says that it could take anywhere from 5 seconds t
Q: Why do more people play Xbox 360 then PlayStation 3 it does not make any common sense Xbox 360 gets the three red lights thing when PlayStation 3 does not?
Q: Why do donna and charlie get cut from the opening credits in some s7 eps, while other characters who might not be in a certain episode are always in the credits
Q: Why do all of Plo Koon's , Aayla Secura's, and Ki'-Adi's star destoryers have the Open Circle Fleet symbol if the Open Circle Fleet is assigned to Anakin and Ob
Q: Why didn't the scientists from Earth look into using nanites to increase the brain's processing power to understand all the information uncovered in the Atlanti
Q: Why didn't Yoda approve of Anakin Skywalker's training, even though Qui-Gon did and he was correct; isn't Yoda supposed to be better at making decisions?
Q: Why didn't Princess Leia fight back on the deathstar Was it because she was still weak from the torture(I only ask because of her self-defense training and it w
Q: Why didn't Darth Nihl tattoo his skin red after joining Krayt's Order; I know he was a Nagai warlord, but should he not have tattooed himself in order to signif
Q: Why did voldemort not go to a horcrux after he first tried to kill harry and failed? the killing curse that rebounded should have killed that one off and sent h
Q: Why did the establishment of a vast Spanish empire in the Americas directly lead to the establishment of the English (British) colonies also in the Americas?
Q: Why did the clones in Ep.2 have a black strip over the X on the their helmets when they didn't in the clone wars and the why did the bottom horizontal lines on
Q: Why did the Sith during the Great Galactic War impose a treaty upon the Republic, thus ensuring a stalemate, when they simply could have controlled the galaxy a
Q: Why did stormtroopers not have color markings on their armor to signify rank like clones, woudln't troops have trouble telling who the commander was if they wer
Q: Why did Umbrella send Nemesis to Raccoon city in the first place anyway,why not they use after the town got destroyed and use it for there last stronghole?
Q: Why did Moff Leckerson wear an Emperor Palpatine costume in Backlash Wouldn?t this be similar to wearing a Hitler costume (in that a lot of people would find it
Q: Why did Kazuki Takahashi take the main character that the show was named after (Yugi) out of the show and without Yugi how can you still call it Yugioh?
Q: Why cant xehanort's heartless and xemnas wield keyblades Since they're complete being is Terra possed by another keyblade master in Master Xehanort they should,
Q: Why cant I find the Prototype Medic Power Armor. I'm playing on 360. the initiate that it is supposed to be on is in old olney, but is just a skeleton?
Q: Why can't the Espada work together, it doesn't matter if there vasto or not if they are outnumbered and cornered there is little they can do on their own?
Q: Why can't Jedi fly.Considering that the majority of them can use telekinesis to lift objects, why can't they turn it inwards and use it on themselves to fly, al
Q: Why can't I upload pictures to a wiki On a certain wiki, I'm an email confirmed user, but I can't upload images, even when I'm logged in. Anyone know what the p
Q: Why at the end of the fourth year can harry not see the threstrals when he had seen cedric die (and why do they say it is due to seeing cedric die when at the t
Q: Why are the Arrancar so uncooperative with each other? They are much stronger than their shinigami counterparts but they lose because they put themselves before
Q: Why are so many famous Star Wars characters like Han, Leia, Lando, Ben Skywalker, and even R2-D2 forgotten after Fate of the Jedi Shouldn't they at least be giv
Q: Why Future Trunks did not use the namekian dragonballs to wish back all the people (including the Z-Warriors) killed by Future Android 17,Future Android 18 and
Q: Why, when the BC-303 was first created, only one was created until its destruction 3 years later, when in the same span of time 3 years later 6 BC-304's were co
Q: Why, in Death Trap and Lethal Trackdown, does Boba Fett hesitate to kill people, when in Attack of the Clones, he shows delight while watching his father try to
Q: Who wrote, "Here is the slave, there is the master; there is the wealth of some, here is the poverty of most . . . Here humanity attains its most complete devel
Q: Who will become the new antagonist of Resident Evil An old character such as Sherry Birkin or Steve Burnside (assuming wesker revived him). Could it also be a n
Q: Who was the Orginazation Member in Re:Chain of Memories who appeared behind Namine when she was sitting next to the broken Riku Replica, and what were they doin
Q: Who was Xemnas talking about when he said to Roxas "I've been to see him" Because Roxas never finds out who Sora is for a long time after that cutscene. And wha
Q: Who the bad guy now that albert wesker is dead could it be hunk or a reborn Spencer since he die like wesker did in Resident Evil 1 does that mean he now might
Q: Who is the pedo arrancar, the emo arrancar, the boxer arrancar, the sexy women arrancar, the master arrancar, and the anorexic man arrancar, and black one, the
Q: Who is the nutria guy that ichigo fought in the grave ground and then he became a man because of that man with the beak and the guy with the hat and some shark
Q: When we left claire in the cabin she said aaron was just where he should be. How come now she thinks he's been stolen from her if she was so certain he was ok t
Q: When you use to talking to your boyfriend all day then one day he don't call then after a week you still don't get a call. What is that about someone help me?
Q: Who is Xion a replica of Her page says that she is a replica of Roxas, but the Replica page says she is a replica of Sora. Which is it (I would also appreciate
Q: Who is Default Don in Mafia Wars Is he an Extra member that you get with the game Or a secret person who has joined your family I am not sure it is a friend fro
Q: Who gives Harry Potter his invisibility cloak back after he gave Norbert to Charlie and left it on top of the astronomy tower since he got caught and left it th
Q: Who gave harry back hes invisibality cloak when he left it at the top of the astronmy tower when he was giving norbet(hagrids dragon) to charlie and got caught
Q: Which reggae song from which artist/band has the lyrics: "some people spend their money drinking rum in a bar, some others like myself can not live without no l
Q: Which play is in the record books for the Most Runs, Most Runs Batted In, Most Home Runs, Most Bases on Balls, and Most Strikeouts during a World Series?
Q: Which episode is this quote from: Meg: My life is ruined! Stewie: Oh YES Meg. THIS is the thing that will ... Not your years of grotesque appearance or your awk
Q: Which d-links in Birth by Sleep are used by the three characters, used by just two characters and used by just one character In the latter two cases, which char
Q: Which characters in the series actually died (without the death have the involvement of the heart made of emotion, light and darkness) and most likely will not
Q: Where the Yuuzhan Vong, despite having killed billions on Coruscant and other planets, allies with the Jedi and New Republic after the Yuuzhan Vong War?
Q: Where the Yuuzhan Vong's faces naturally skull-like in appearance (lacking a semblance of a protruding nose or lips) or was this a result of ritualistic mutilat
Q: Where do 304's dimensions come from Wiki says it has width 95 m and height 75 m, but even including the antenna on bridge, the height appears to be no more than
Q: Where did all of the droids go in the arena in attack of the clones because in one shot theres loads and in the next shot there all gone with just c-3p0, rd-d2
Q: Where can I find the jaws lost scene where that guy in the estuary gets attacked and while he is still in the shark's mouth he pushes Michael brody out of the w
Q: Where can I find Twilight Gems because I have already killed dozens of Assassins and gotten a lot of Serenity Crystals but no Twilight Gems where else can I fin
Q: Where can I buy a small, Star Trek, arrowhead/boomerang ( "arrowrang" ? ;-) ) insignia pin, similar to the one on the collar of the red, starfleet cadet uniform
Q: Where Chiss, Zabraks, Ratataaki, Zeltrons, and other near species that where very similar to humans allowed to serve in the Empire's military, and where they cl
Q: When you attack with an exalted creature, does it mean that you can only attack once that attack phase? Or you can attack with other creatures seperately?
Q: When xx - saber galahad attacks a monster with the same attack as him do both of the monsters get destroyed even though galahad gains 300 attack during the dama
Q: When will the episodes Chowder vs. Panini,Chowder,The Movie,Gazpacho Fights Back,Pickle in A Cup and The Truth About Shnitzel,Big Ball and The Dinner Theater ai
Q: When walt leaves the island does he take a fake name how does he remain under the radar, as he lives with his grandmother and was on the flight manifest?
Q: When they say Qui-Gon discovered eternal life via the Force was possible through love, are they speaking of while you're still alive or as a way to become one w
Q: When the Resolute was turned sideways in Storm over Ryloth, how was everything and everyone still right side up and not falling towards the side of the ship?
Q: When the Manadlorean Protectors took back Mandalore, did they have to force the citizens (who had probobly gotten used to Satine's pasafist rule) to join their
Q: When road synchron is used as a tuner for a monster other than "Road Warrior," and you used a level 2 monster in addition, would that synchro a level 6, or a le
Q: When palpatine said to commander cody "the time has come. execute order 66" does "the time has come" mean that cody and possibly other clone commanders were tol
Q: When my Zigzagoon evolves it forgets the pickup ability and instead learns the Gluttony ability. Is there a way to evolve it while still being able to use the p
Q: When it comes to the Republic's power, is it true that the Colonies and Inner Rim were under Republic control, the Mid Rim was partialy under republic control,
Q: When I play Kingdom Hearts II on my PlayStation 2, it goes to the main menu but as soon as I try to load my save file, the screen goes black. The console makes
Q: When it comes to Twi'lek lavery, is it true that only a small portion of Twi'leks give their childern to slavery and it's mostly to protect them from Ryloth's h
Q: When I make a change, or make a new page, the old pages don't update. On the sidebar they don't update the last edits, and menu changes don't happen on old page
Q: When I try to play touhou 11 it quits second after loading screen appears. Same thing happens when I try to watch replay or practice a stage. What should I do?
Q: When I want to open a excel file from my computer than then the windows show this type of message"Excel has detected that your computer has a version of Adobe A
Q: When iCarly goes to break, a voice comes on "There's more iCarly coming up next". I swear it is Neville's (the guy who hacked their webshow) voice - can anyone
Q: When I went to play it asked me for a update, I declined. When I started to play my Broken Steel quest was gone, do I simply just have to go start it again?
Q: When clones wore Phase 1 armor, color was only used to describe rank. So why do Green Company troopers and the Coruscant Guard troopers have color on their armo
Q: When alternate Weir went back in time to the first siege of atlantis, why didn't she negotiate with the ancients to create more ZPMs for later use by the Atlant
Q: When a woman gets married they usually take their husbands surname and their previous sername is refered to as a "maiden name" if they choose to keep their orig
Q: When a wizard is sent to azkaban, what happens to there wand. for example how does sirius and all those death eaters obtain there wands after escaping azkaban?
Q: When a ship is done with its hyperspace jump, does the ship pull out of hyperspace automatically or does the Person do it. If the person does it, how are they p
Q: When a'sharad hett and anakin are on aargonar, hett gives him his lightsabers to power the ship. we never see them on his or anakin's belt for the rest of the s
Q: When Xigbar said that (Ventus) used to give him that exact same look when he confronted Sora in Hollow Bastion and when Xion turned into Ventus in 358/2 Days, d
Q: When Vader was killing the Separatist Council in Revenge of the Sith, why didn't any of the Separatist leaders send a distress message to any remaining droid sh
Q: When Vader said "Don't make me kill you" and "If you're not with me, then you're my enemy" to Obi-Wan, did it mean he giving Obi-Wan a chance to live if he join
Q: When Vader first learned Luke's name, was he certain that he was his son or that Owen and Buru gave him his last name in honor of his grandmother as they had cl
Q: When Sora became a Heartless, shouldn't Ventus have come out of his coma? Because, if Sora received Ven's heart, then when Sora stabbed himself, wouldn't Ven?
Q: When Sayid is "revived" and asks "What happened ", he is referring to what happened from which point in time or from which character's perspective Is it possibl
Q: When Pre Visla says that the Darksaber was stolen during the "fall of the Old Republic", is he referring to the Sacking of Coruscant, since it was when the Rpub
Q: When Mara Jade was picking out her wedding dress for her marriage to Luke, what did her "minimal dress" look like Did it resemble a female slave costume?
Q: When Mara Jade told Luke that she loved him and that she would kill him if he ever got her pregnant again, (I don't know the source of this quote) was she just
Q: When Mace Windu and Palpatine were fighting in his office, Palpatine's lightsaber is thrown out the window, so how does he have a lightsaber while he was fighti
Q: When Lucas made a little backstory of the Sith he said that Darth Ruin is the first Sith Lord. Then why did he consider the Tales of the Jedi comics canon and e
Q: When Kratos opened the box in GOW 1 he got the power hope inside the box, but that power was buried inside of him but why does he gain alot of strength when he
Q: When Jinzo is Removed from Play, and then brought back by Return From the Different Dimension, will Jinzo be able to negate the effect when he hits the field, a
Q: When Jin and Kate leave the temple to look for Sawyer, which actor played the black guy who accompanied them into the jungle (I think his name is Dayo Ade, but
Q: When I was little, I thought "death sticks" in the Star Wars universe were cigarettes, but now I think they're an addictive drug. I'm confused. Which answer's r
Q: When I try to send a message to someone on bbm, it shows that red clock thing, i've removed my battery loads of times and it's doing nothing, anyone know what t
Q: When I start Labyrinth of Touhou on Windows 7 my screen goes black with a few sparkling pixels and flashes. Whats my problem beacuse every touhou game worked so
Q: When I read about Aurra sing on wookiepedia it said that in 18 bby "she had sensed a new Force wielder" so how did she not sense ahsoka behind her in lethal tra
Q: When I play as Sonic or Snake,right before I start the match,the game stops playing and it says the disc can't be read screen but the disc doesnt have many scra
Q: When I find an egg in my neighbor's coop, is it numbered among the eggs in the ribbon Egg-celent Discovery (of course for the owner of the chicken coop)?
Q: When I completed Operation: Anchorage, I went to the stoarge room with all the armour and what not and randomly Defender Siblly and some other outcasts started
Q: When I ask fir a fashionista badge on animal crossing Gracie just says "Oh darling! You must me getting some SERIOUS fan mail! Sweet thing, you're making it har
Q: When I am in my house, and someone enters. I exit, letting the person remain in my house. Will other people be able to enter my house while I'm outside on RuneS
Q: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione, went to Gringotts in 1998 to steal the cup, Hermione was disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange. But how could she walk into Gringotts
Q: When Hagrid says he borrowed the motorbike from Sirius Black when bringing baby Harry to the Dursley's, surely Sirius would already be in Azkaban, wouldn't he?
Q: When Grievous took Obi-Wan's and Anakin's lightsabers, he put them on either side of one that looked a lot like Shaak Ti's,so why did Obi-Wan take the one in th
Q: When Gohan was fighting with Super Buu why he did not tranform to Super Saiyan 1 or Super Saiyan 2 knowing that he was not able to defeat buu in his norrmal for
Q: When Faora killed Davis/Doomsday in the Season 8 episode "Bloodline", she says that what kills him makes him stronger. Could this mean that Clark killing Doomsd
Q: When Bane disguised himself as Denal, why did he sound like a clone when he replied "No sir", if it was because of microphones in his helmet, what would be the
Q: What would happen if e.g. shinigami writes your name in Death Note and makes you die 20 years before your natural deathtime and someone(NOT Death Note) kills yo
Q: What would happen if Starrk replaced shaggy, Neliel replaced daphne, Harribel replaced velma, Ulquiorra replaced fred, Barragan replaced scooby, and Yammy repla
Q: What were the Doctor and Martha doing in Blink that got them sent back in time, and where were they going when Sally gives the Doctor the envelope at the end?
Q: What were the Doctor and Martha doing in Blink that got them sent back in time, and what were they doing when Sally gives the Doctor the envelope at the end?
Q: What was the Starfleet Warp 7 starship mentioned in the Star Trek: Enterprise series finale, the 'next generation of starship', that Travis, Malcolm and Hoshi d
Q: What was that planet that the millinium falcon flew through and I sorta forget but I think when they were flying through it, the planet or asteroid's entrance b
Q: What type of motor should I install on a petrol scooter Chainsaw, whippersnipper, pocket bike, etc And what should the horse power and cc of the motor be?
Q: What to do when arefu npc's get killed and become hostile towards the player,while you have nothing to do with it can this be solved with console (PC)?
Q: What spell did Snape use against Harry in "the Half-Blood Prince" (the movie) when Harry fell on the ground and Snape kicked the wand out of Harry's hand?
Q: What is a good armor for elegy for a lone wolf quest I used tigrex but his damage is so large!1 attack qequal half of my life I think.. What should I do?
Q: What photographs or pictures does sarah jane smith have cattered around her house and attic from her past with the doctor in the sarah jane adventures?
Q: What kind (amount and tier) of forces would I need to win against a castle with only 2x lv 10 battlements, no troops, and have minimal (heal for less than 10k g
Q: What is the thing that you use on computers and you like press a button on your keyboard and a box thing comes up and you can choose what program you want?
Q: What is the ditty they torture in sg1 season 8 "its good to be king" (Maybourne has the locals playing some music when O'neill arrives, he tells them to have th
Q: What is the street address of the venue that is home to the NFL team that was coached from 1997-1999 by the former Dallas Cowboys tight end who retired as a pla
Q: What is the signifigance of the circular vents that keep appearing everywhere are they the mind control technology that stops Amy from remembering the darlek in
Q: What is the purpose of Harry Potter going through the Tri-Wizard Tournament The end result was that he touched the portkey, but why not just make something inco
Q: What is the publication order and titles of all Expanded Universe materials (novels, comics, etc.) from the novelisation of the original Star Wars in 1976 to 20
Q: What is the name for the shortcut keys that you press to perform special tasks; each software application has its own set of tasks assigned to these keys?
Q: What is the episode with the doo-doo hollow? He climbed the fence and Ichigo got him and he was in the school yard and looked like he was made of poo-poo?
Q: What is the Touhou video with the insane Alice that kills Reimu and Patchouli for liking Marisa called (Poor Sakuya, Remilia, and Flandre as well) And where can
Q: What dose it mean when the girl in your dream you can't see her face but no shes the one and you cant contact her because you your missing that part of the memm
Q: What is Roman about the painting on the ceiling of the catacomb of Saints Pietro and Marcellino in Rome entitled Good Shepherd,Orants, and story of Jonah?
Q: What happens to the hot air balloon if it goes too far up in the atmosphere, where the outside air pressure exceeds the inside air pressure of the balloon?
Q: What happens to the Separatist leaders that were captured in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" such as what Tambor and Poggle the Lesser. We know that they eventually
Q: What happened to the other Survivors (nameless background characters) of the fuselage when the island was moving through time, are they somewhere in 1977 on the
Q: What happened to the original winnie the pooh meets ghidrah the three headed monster with spongebob patrick and ed edd eddy and the simpsons and earthworm jim?
Q: What happened to all the flight 815 survivors who are NOT main characters Did they all join Dharma in the 1970s Are they all back in the present time (21st cent
Q: What happen to the other weskers beside Albert and Alex did they die or something if they did how did they die then also will they ever put a female wesker in t
Q: What exactly causes Kimiyoshi Natsumi's death in both the game and the manga And how is she not affected by the syndrome if she doesn't live in hinamizawa?
Q: What does the quote mean:It was like steel, not steel, but hard plastic, and if you stood behind me you could see straight to Florida. You'll have to ask Boba F
Q: Has it been considered that all the people with D in their names could be the descendants of the Royal Family of the Ancient Kingdom, which crumbled at the end
Q: Can you learn Blackout IV before you learnBlackout III or is it possible to miss out on that arcana because you already went past the required spell skill level
Q: What do you do if your bf gets drunk at his mates and some girl ends up kissing him and he kisses her back but tells you it was a mistake and that he'd never do
Q: What distinguishes "Light/Medium/Heavy" starfighter cannons in terms of (power usage/blast output/rate of fire/barrel diameter/weight/dimensions) in Star Wars?
Q: WHERE IS BAEL EMBERLIGHT, EXACTLY I heard he's in the DRAGONSPYRE Crystal Grove, but I can't find him. He is not on the map. Can you help me, Please Destiny DRE
Q: What did Chad and Sonny say backstage on 'Gotcha!' with Gilroy Smith on The last episode of Season 1 Of Sonny With A Chance when the television was turned off b
Q: What cuases these symtoms; headeaches, respitory problems, skin rashes, dizziness, and secondary infections such as sinus infections, bronchitis, and pnuemonia?
Q: Was Jabba the Hutt considered an ally of the Republic due to him allowing the Republic to use his space lines, despite his many illegal criminal activities?
Q: What book was it when Leia blocked off the kill-shot from Mirta Gev to Save Boba (I'm sort of stuck reading books out of order so forgive me for asking these an
Q: What book and page does it refer to this in the harry potter books about Narcissa Malfoy: "Harry Potter once insulted her son Draco by asking if she only had th
Q: What are those droids who attack anakin and asoka when there destroying the sheld generator.they get set of by some antenna things in the ground.the fat ones wi
Q: What are the weaknesses of monsters For example, landworms are weak in mystic defence. Are there any other monsters that are weak at a certain modifier/combat/m
Q: What about level 10 wall Is it worth it to go farther Does the increase in damage make it worth it to go to level 20 Can it damage more than one unit per piece
Q: What Marvel comics character has a black suit with white circular lights and has things that look like cannons on his arms and (in the picture I have) appears t
Q: What German mag ran a gay sex feature last September (It looks like a typo... but it's not!) (Two words, and the first is two letters.) (Click here if you hate
Q: Were the clones in The Grand Army of the Republic promoted to senior positions on merit or just to have someone in that position As since they are clones would
Q: Was the fighting in the Sith Empire over control over the empire after the Great Galatic War, from a certain point of view, evidence that having many Sith at on
Q: Was the Itachi in the last chapter an illusion Because, as stated by Zetsu in chapter 394, when he says Itachi is dead, the other side of him says "THAT Itachi"
Q: Was the Death Star the most powerful space weapon in the galaxy or did it look weak compared to Eclipse Star Destoryers, World Devastators, and Galaxy Guns?
Q: Was Starkiller's purpose all along simply to root out Rebels, and if so, were the years of Force training really necessary for such a task, as could not a norma
Q: Was Palpatine's takeover of the galaxy the most successful Sith takeover due to the fact that he'd destoryed the Republic that had pervaled over the other Sith
Q: Was Goku in his SSJ2 form when fighting Mystic Buuhan with SSJ2 Vegeta? (if you're wondering why I'm only asking about Goku, it's because I didn't see any light
Q: what are the winter months in spanish?
Q: Is the FTL drive on the Destiny is effcient as a Hyperspace drive. How long would it take destiny to return to the Milky Way galaxy if it had a hyperspace drive
Q: Is it true that crime and slavery organizations work in the Outer Rim, on corrupt republic worlds, and in planet underworlds, such as Coruscant, to avoid republ
Q: Is there any permanant effect if I choose to give the woman the Dark seal? Apart from the obvious effects on her and the Evil points, is there anything else? An
Q: Is there any Touhou doujin with the characters genderbent What about male's statut in Gensokyo (Could you please create an article on them I'm confused about th
Q: Is there a way to transfer items from different accounts anymore? I forgot nearly everything and really have been getting into an alt, but I worked hard for the
Q: Is there a way to keep Wynne in your party if you destroy the ashes during the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest I'm trying to be an evil character this time but I want
Q: Is there a way to get the Silenced 10mm Pistol that you obtain in Operation: Anchorage out of the simulation (You only get it for the first part, but weapons do
Q: Is there a way to get both the AntAgonizer costume and the Mechanist costume while still getting Protectron's Gaze, the reward from the Mechanist in The SuperHu
Q: Is there a way to enslave npc's as part of the strictly business quest and retain there dialouge options, withought using console comands (for PlayStation 3)?
Q: Is there a reason some things in Subterranean Animism (like Parsee's Spell Cards) are translated differently between this wiki and the English patch itself?
Q: Is there a monster or spell/trap that allows me to copy the effect of any 1 monster on the field, I know neo-spacian dark panther has a similar effect but can o
Q: Is there a limitation to type of augments you can recive on gear e.g. +5 STR on a level 5 piece of gear compared to +5 Str to a level 75 piece of gear?
Q: Is there a known bug, that some class mods do not increase skills as intended (example: +3 Impact does not increase damage although I already have invested more
Q: Is the truth about the Force that while the Dark Side is more powerful, the light side is more experenced in controling power and that power and strengh don't m
Q: Is the reason Twi'leks dress differently because the skimpy dressed ones (like the loinclothe clad ones in "Innocents of Ryloth") are natives while others shown
Q: Is the reason Padme is not shown pregnant in "Ghost of Mortis" is because the show's creators did not have time to create Padme's pregnant look, let alone her M
Q: Is the medical droid that helped Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith the same that helped Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back and Re
Q: Is the main difference betwwen ARC troopers and clone commandos that clone commandos were trained by mandalorean merenaries and ARC troopers were trained by Jan
Q: Is the fact that although Darth Krypt managed to take over the New Republic, but failed to destory the Galatic Alliance Remant and the Jedi Order a sign of the
Q: Is the cliff face of the City of Theed on a North-South axis, or an East-West axis; or which way does the Theed Spaceport face: North, South, East or West?
Q: Is the carpenter building like the worksop, in that it's effect is applied to all colonies, or do you have to build 1 per colony to get it's effect there?
Q: Is the battle against the Vanitas Sentiment going to be removed in the English version of Birth by Sleep in favor of the secret boss fight in the English versio
Q: Is the actor that played the unmasked Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi the same actor that portrayed Darth Vader throughout the series?
Q: Is the Zora Armour from Twilight Princess just a modified version of the same Zora Tunic from OoT, possibly updated over the years by the Hero of Time?
Q: Is the F3 Power Armor especially strong or weak against energy weapons Does it have the same resistance table as in the F2, where it's highly resistant to laser
Q: Is the Bobblehead achievement on 360 cumulative over all playthroughs or do all twenty have to be collected in the same one? (I missed the Raven Rock bobblehead
Q: Is someone sleeping, community messages says, hit random questions 5 timesto move from 26.7% to 28% but that would actually require 10,000 answered questions to
Q: Is possible to affirm that in a future game will be introduced a original black character (not counting Xehanort and his various incarnations, if they can be co
Q: Is possible to affirm that Tidus and Wakka in their future appearances in the series will be voiced respectively by James Arnold Taylor and John DiMaggio?
Q: Is possible in the future the creation of a game in the series taking place before the events of Birth by Sleep and revealing the origins of many things in the
Q: Is pattisha bil in the saturday's movie because I never heard of her or seen her in the saturday's series (and I watched all the episodes except one, but I look
Q: Is kit fisto really dead because some people say his body wasent on the floor in revenge of the sith when he was saposivly dead leading to speculation of his su
Q: Is it true that without DLC Rush can not upgrade weapons, such as bluesteel, to their superlative form, which means Ruch can not learn their weapon arts?
Q: Is it true that without DLC Rush can not learn most of the weapon arts, since weapons, such as Bluesteel, can not be upgraded to their superlative form?
Q: Is it true that the strength of an electromagnet can be increased by reducing the number of turns on the wire coil so that more current can flow, or is it false
Q: Is it true that some real life scientists have theorised that just incase we are invaded they have started "beaming" Doctor Who episodes out to space to warn ho
Q: Is it true that Afjak is still alive... But now he lives in the future, he is one of the CodeMasters, he created the Chaotic Dimension, he founded the Chaotic C
Q: Is it possible to download any of the additional items that can be downloaded in-game by players who have signed up for an account in Dragon Age Journeys, or ma
Q: Is it possible to broker the truce between humans and ghouls, tell Roy Phillips to get the XP and ghoul mask, and then kill pop him in order to get the reward f
Q: Is it possible that when Revan left to find the true sith that instead he joined them and is on the Dark Council Tell me what you think happened to Revan?
Q: Is it possible that if they have a Kingodm of Hearts game for Wii, could be there a controler that looks like a giant keyblade and you can use it to attack hear
Q: Is it possible for a starship to travel beyond the hyperspace disturbance at the edge of the galaxy if the crew uses a hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer?
Q: Is it possible for a "Sol" Entity to exist in Blaze's world (fire based as opposed to Chaos being water based) and the existance of a Master Sol Emerald?
Q: Is it possible Vanitas will come back in the future as a good guy to fight with everyone else against Xehanort (old or young version) since he is connected to S
Q: Is it possible Minato used the Flying Thunder God Technique when he did the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to put the Nine Tail Beast and his life energy inside Naru
Q: Is it better to have dragon legs, dragon boots, dragon gauntlets, and a barrows plate body matched with dragon scimitar and rune defender on RuneScape?
Q: Is gambit able to manipulate the energy of the staff to make it smash things, what's it made of and can he transfer his power through it without blowing it up?
Q: Is destiny's true age masked by the Relativistic Effects of FTL (hundreds of thousands of years old being launched millions of years ago, being billions of ligh
Q: Is Xehanort's (the older version) name even his birth name Xehanort (the younger version) knows it's an anagram because he typed it into the computer. Did Maste
Q: Is Obi-Wan, from a certain point of view, indirectly responsibly for Padme's death, as it was his apperance on Mustafar that made Vader give into his anger and
Q: Is Mortis the light side version of Korriban as Mortis is filled with the light side of the Force and Korriban is filled with the dark side of the Force?
Q: Is Frankie Donjae going to be portraying Alec or someone else in Eclipse this is the buzz, and he has a picture up that looks like it is from twilight?
Q: Is "BBY" and "ABY" an in-universe thing or is it simply something fans use to organize star-wars-time (like, would Luke Skywalker say :"It is the year 25 ABY")?
Q: How does Touhou Soccer 2 work. I have it downloaded and stuff... But when I press it the theme song does its thing but once I press one of the main title screen
Q: How will Sora be able to 'cease the suffering' of Roxas, Namine, Terra, and Xion Is Roxas suffering because of Xion How is Namine suffering since she finally go
Q: How was Cato Paracitti able to change her voice and clothes when she shipshaped into Ord Esinice and later Jocasta Nu Also, where did she get Nu's lightsaber?
Q: How should I read Wikipedia's charts on stars (namely - when it says a star has a mass of 2.2?3.3 / 5.9 solar masses and radius of 135 ? 5 / 3.9 solar radii, ho
Q: How old was fenn shysa when he died since in order to have fought in the clone wars he would have to be more than 50 in episode 4 but in the comics leia likes h
Q: How much above is kisuke urahara above captain shinigami level since its known his power is above standard captain level, is he almost as strong as yamamoto?
Q: How might the preferences of a young adult and an older adult differ in they way they would wish to spend their time, if each had been told they had only six mo
Q: How many beautiful genius straight A+ students are there that had straight A+'s all through school and college all through their lives both males and females al
Q: How long does it take before Star Trek fans realize Star Trek XI is technically Voyager, but with pretty young faces and more plot holes than an hour long episo
Q: How is it that species in Star Wars the clone wars like Rodians, Hutts and Trandoshans begin to speak Basic when they have never been known to speak it before i
Q: How is it that at the beginning of Defenders of Peace, Anakin is so badly injuired that he can't even walk without help, but at the end of the episode, barely a
Q: How is it that Anakin, Luke, and nearly every other character in Star Wars can understand (and respond to) R2-D2's beeps and whistles without a translator?
Q: How is it, that in Clone Wars Chapter 7, Ventress is first sent to kill Anakin, but instead of first engaging him on Yavin 4, she canonly first fights him on Oh
Q: How is A'sharad Hett able to live for so long ! I mean he was a Jedi during the clone wars.. and by the time of the Sith Imperial war he would have been a hundr
Q: How in the world is the band Periphery wiki page up for deletion , they are one of the biggest up and coming bands out there , countless mags how can wiki decid
Q: How exactly will Sora free Ventus and Aqua from their fates if Ven's in a comatose state and Aqua's trapped in the Realm of Darkness along with Ansem the Wise?
Q: How exacly did the terrans have 'billions of casualties' during the Zerg invasion in SC2 when 200 years before this they were a mere 32,000 (serious answer,plea
Q: How does it come that there are so few people in the SW universe that doesn't know about the sith for example in the SW legacy series they don't when there were
Q: How does Palpatine enter Leia's Apartment in Empire's end How many lightsabers does Leia have in The Dark empire triliogy How does Palpatine know she was pregna
Q: How does Clayton have a strong heart Just because Clayton's evil was intense and he was able to attract the Heartless, it doesn't mean he strong-hearted Can you
Q: How come that, in Super Smash Bro. Brawl, Pokémon Trainer and Lucas win the battle against Wario, and win, then Galleom gets sucked into the Subspace Bomb, and
Q: How do you play the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying game (What are the basic rules, What books and source-books would I need to be able to play, etc.
Q: How do you gain Etyyy Hunting Badge in Star Wars Galaxies I mean a BADGE, I already have got access, killed any named beast, done every wager and even killed Bo
Q: How do you connect to the internet on the Wii (i have wireless connection, but when I choose an access point, it asks for a password before I can connect)?
Q: How do I get Bleach off the air? It's a bad influence on my kids, they stay up all night in there room fighting and screaming "Bonkeye!" and trying to conjure d
Q: How do I find out if folks that own toyota Scion tc's are replacing the clutch assemblies sooner then they should be??? My son went through two in 50,000 miles
Q: How did the yield of newly issued U.S corporate bonds will change to a different degree then the yield of the newly issued United States treasury bonds?
Q: How did the areas settled by the greeks differ from the early settlements of the fertile crescent region, the nile river valley, the indus river valley, and anc
Q: How did The Saturday HQ still got repaired even after the episode of when Doc said it was too dangerous to rebuild since the secret scientists were after Zak?
Q: How did Romanesque Church officials compete with one another in the display of relics, commission of religious paintings, decoration of their churches with fine
Q: How did Alexander Hamilton propose to deal with the problem of $12 million of debt the U.S. had borrowed from foreign nations during the Revolutionary War?
Q: How could the Mandalorean people defend themssevles against the Death Watch without the Repoublic The Death Watch is lethal and the people are pacifists?
Q: How could Pond's designation be canonly changed from CC-6454 to CC-0411 if, in the Republic heros game and the Clones Wars Ultimite Battles Guide, his disignati
Q: How come when Greivous is on Utapau he has to tell Kenobi that he has skills in lightsaber combat but he already used his skills in the clone wars series Is it
Q: How come there was never a scene with Simon and Jeanette in The Squeakquel when there was a scene of Eleanor and Theodore and two for Alvin and Brittany?
Q: How come there are no novels in the Halo series that focuse on the Covenant? or for that matter, where are the obsesively stupid, fat and funny characters that
Q: How come in the Inside the Worlds of Episode 1, the Naboo Palace Hangar is on the "left" side of the palace, while in Episode 2, the hangar is on the "right", a
Q: How come girls are pushed aside alot in Bleach and Naruto, why is ther only one girl in the Espada and in the Akatsuki at any given time or 2 guys to a girl and
Q: How come during anakin and Padame's battle on the Naboo gardens, Padame won the battle, but all other adaptions of Episode II with the exception of the movie, c
Q: How closely does the Capital Wasteland match the -real- DC? Could I find my way around DC after playing the game? Are the White House and Pentagon in the same p
Q: What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment but never in a thousand years?
Q: How do you say 'My name is ...' in French?
Q: What is a badger?
Q: Who will play Doctor Who this year?
Q: What does a hummingbird symbolize? What does a honeysuckle symbolize?
Q: What is the high for today in puyallup washington?
Q: Wat does a tattoo of a spade mean?
Q: Was ted nugent the rock singer ever in the military
Q: What does kindred spirits mean?
Q: Wat time zone is Peurto Rico in?
Q: what is a white round pill saying watson 749?
Q: When was John Leguizamo born?
Q: What does rombe toto mean?
Q: What is the slope of 2y=4x-6
Q: What gage is a regular ear piercing?
Q: Where is a ihop in puyallup?
Q: What language is "sabali" a part of and what is the english translation?
Q: What does the dragonfly symbolize?
Q: Where is the numbers transparency overlay in the latest herinteractive nancy drew pc game?
Q: Were is ted nugent from
Q: What kinds of foods can help improve joint pain?
Q: What is the phone number i can call to check my skylight card balance
Q: what foods help with joint pain healing?
Q: Were did the city of puyallup washington get its name?
Q: What do trees symbolize?
Q: What song is playing in the skylight books commercial?
Q: What kind of soap to use to clean a tragus piercing
Q: What do cats usually symbolize?
Q: Where is Ted Nugent from?
Q: Is kerosene nonpolar?
Q: What businesss are hiring in puyallup washington?
Q: Wat is a round orange pill wit the code 5553 on one side and dan on the other?
Q: Where can I buy a pack of cloves in puyallup washington?
Q: What do doplins symbolize?
Q: What does human rights mean?
Q: Who was worse hitler or stalin
Q: How do solid turns to liquid?
Q: who is ted nugent?
Q: What website sell real authentic women jordans for cheap?
Q: What movie features al pacino john leguizamo and luis guzman
Q: Why do we cry?
Q: What college did the actor terry crews go to?
Q: What the famous painting called where an old man and woman are standing side by side with a pitchfork?
Q: What is nitrofurantoin mono/mac
Q: What is the equation for 4x-2y-5=-x+5 in standard form?
Q: Where is gnc in PUYALLUP washington
Q: How deep is Lake Pontchartrain?
Q: What's a shark ?
Q: What can i use to kill dust mites or whatever microscopic organism that bites my feet in my apartment on the carpet?
Q: What does female humen breast milk taste like? And is it ok for a adult to drink?
Q: How long can the average male last in bed?
Q: Do you believe that we live in a computer simulation?
Q: What caused the Challenger disaster?
Q: How do you say "6:20 In Spanish" in Spanish?
Q: What is the voltage and current rating of the diode in5402?
Q: What is the distance between San Diego, California and Washington, D.C.?
Q: What is the distance between Newcastle, England and Washington, D.C.?
Q: What is the distance between Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.?
Q: What is the distance between London, England and Washington, D.C.?
Q: What is the distance between Jacksonville, Florida and Washington, D.C.?
Q: How can I have a romance with both leliana and alistair without them breaking up with me I did it once with leliana and morrigan but I just can't seem to get it
Q: How can I remove fabric dye from a plastic toy The toys were in my purse and the fabric dye from the lining has left marks all over my sons Pokémon toys and NO
Q: How can a stick harm a heartless that Roxas use in 358/2 days in a mission in Beast Castle while Sora in Kingdom hearts can't harm with his wooden sword in Holl
Q: How can there be a COMPLETE Star Wars Encyclopedia if charaters, events, weapons, and ships are contunously added to Star Wars via books, novels, and comics?
Q: How can the death or the disappearance of Protector Casdin during the Outcast Collection Agent Quest be prevented or if it has started, how to be passed?
Q: How can luffy touch enel when enel is made up of a non-matter as opposed to crocodile whose ability is cancelled out by water since he is made up of a matter?
Q: How can a young man with no college education get out of his low-paying, back breaking job and still support his family (We're talking about my father here peop
Q: How can Nightfall be placed in the timeline If it happens after Trinity and One Shot, Jack would have to have joined CTU, left, then joined the delta force, lef
Q: How can I watch the original wwe.com and not the sify page.The sify site has recently started to show the wwe and it is no good being very slow I want to watch
Q: How can I find more Unique Items or set Items Are certain Items only in certain areas on the game I really want to find the silks of Victor and the Wormskull Sk
Q: How are the eridian weapons the most powerful, I have beat the first play through twice, once by myself and once with a friend, beat the 2nd play through by mys
Q: Have slave organizatins ever tried putting slave guilds on Inner Rim Republic worlds Have any slavery organizations ever been captured and shut down in the enti
Q: Has there ever been a time in history when A Wookiee and a Trandoshan were together and "didn't" try to kill each other Because there were both Trandoshan and W
Q: Has exodia the forbidden one's victory rule been revised to include the requirment of haveing your monster zone emty and summening the head followed by the othe
Q: Has anyone else thought that the building of the runway on Hydra Island was undertaken by order of Jacob in preparation for the arrival of the Arija plane?
Q: Has Zoro (or any other of the Straw Hat Pirates) ever considered getting Sea Stone attachments to weapons etc so they could take down Logia types easier?
Q: Does everbody know that there is jaina and jacen action figures now and if you do will there be a anakin solo or most importantly a JAGGED FEL one if so let ple
Q: Does the repair take into account the quality of the item used for repair As in, will I get more bang out of repairing my armor with a 50% quality other armor,
Q: Does the map altair made that is revealed in AC 2 mean anything after it has been revealed most of the items have been used by famous people in history??? surel
Q: Does the fact that Yoda went to Dagobah because the Dark side presence there would mask his own mean that there is a similar presence on Tatooine to protect Obi
Q: Does the control chair have to be moved from area 51 back to the antarctic outpost to be used, or does distance not matter, hypothtically if it still existed?
Q: Does the charge that flows into the capacitor during the charging go all the way through the capacitor and back to the battery, or does it get stored somewhere
Q: Does the Combat Insight feat allow to ignore the damage penalty from a Strength score lower than 10, provided the character's Int modifier is above 0, or the pe
Q: Does the 'Prime' timeline continue unharmed after Star Trek (2009)? Do the events in the alternate timeline make Picard's reappearance in that timeline unlikely
Q: Does only the SGC have the knowledge and materials to build a 304 Class ship or could the other nations build thier own versions if they wanted to rather than w
Q: Does decadence lead to the fall of a civilization e.g. The Roman Empire in which there was increasing extravagance of popular entertainment: exemplified by the
Q: Does being a "prestige passenger" on the Naboo Royal Cruiser mean you get your own cabin If yes, then if the Senator has one cabin, where in the ship are the ot
Q: Does anyone think pain knew and allowed madara's manipulation because madara was infact the weapon of mass destruction the was trying to create or complete?
Q: Does anyone know why Jo let Harry forget about his enchanted mirror that Sirius gave him in Order of the Phoenix I mean he could have used it to talk to him aft
Q: Does anyone know where I can get the song that's playing right before Kiba says "let's die together" It's also played when Naruto fights Sasuke and Sasuke is th
Q: Does anyone know how planets are named in the Star Trek verse? Does the Federation assign names or, when applicable, adopt names used by the planet's inhabitant
Q: Does anyone else think that Kate is a bit strange in season 1, Why does she drop the transever so easily and why does she want to get off the island even though
Q: Does St Mungo's have like a maternity thing or what to witches do when they are pregnant or having a baby, but they probably arnt able to apperate or use flu po
Q: Does QfB take place one year after ToD or a short time, because I've heard both and don't know which one is right, then when does ACiT take place (another year
Q: Does Ichigo have a new mask yet? I noticed it got bigger and darker stripes until it was almost solid and then he became that diablo so does that measure his st
Q: Does Hank's Electrical supply at jury street metro station becomes accesible ony when you finished the main game and begin the Broken Steel add-on? (Fall-out 3)
Q: Does Flandre Scarlet ever die in the games or series Because, on the Touhou Wiki page for Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, it says she is defeated. I was wondering
Q: Does Don Anselmo have a lot of character traits, some of which are good while others are bad, or is he more simple and one-dimensional, with only a few characte
Q: Does Brick aka Berserker's Blaster Tree Skill Endowed effect any weapons other than rocket launchers (ex. Explosive elemental weopons & scooter's car rocket
Q: Does Aizen have a large army of Arrancar witing in hueco Mundo for the espada to finish fighting the captains so that the numeros can invade sould society while
Q: Do you have to have Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories completed on your memory card to fight mushrooms, Terra, and data battles on Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
Q: Do you get the feeling there might be a third or maybe even a fourth party might be involved in Resident Evil 5 when chris was fighting wesker don't you think s
Q: Do the numbers of fighters carried in a Ventator star destroyers carried all at once or is that how many they could carry of just one type of starfighter?
Q: Do the Jedi not care about their clones, because in "Landing at Point Rain" Anakin and Ahsoka are joking around as they see like 10 of there troopers die or get
Q: Do the Jedi force parents to give up their children to the Jedi Order or do they let the parents choose And do the parents know they won't ever see their childr
Q: Do some Hutt dancers, like the ones in "Hunt for Ziro" and "Supply Lines", actaully enjoy their positions as slaves since they get to dance and perform?
Q: Do female Twi'leks ever wear any underwear under the loinclothes worn by many in multiple books or comics (Aayla in Jedi: Aayla Secura, Innocents of Ryloth)?
Q: Do clone troopers, despite being bred to fight, also have the natural "liking" for women due to the scanity Twi'lek posters shown in the Rishi base and Christop
Q: Do Unversed have hearts because since neither heartless nor nobodies have hearts Also is there any chance of the unversed being reborn without Vanitis?
Q: Do Star Wars comics and novels have less restrictions then the movies on how much sexual content, violence, and profanity can be in them (Just curious)?
Q: Do Jedi Initiates that get sent to the Agri corps get to keep their training lightsaber And why did Obi-Wan have a real Lightsaber before he became a Padawan?
Q: Did the nightgowns Padme wore in Revenge of the Sith also hide her pregnancy (it's hard to see in the nightgown pictures shown on the Padme Amadala wardrobe pag
Q: Did the kingdom key rightfully belonged to riku Or could he just weild it because Terra did the ritual on him Did the same thing apply to Sora Did the kingdom k
Q: Did anyone notice that the crest in Lex's mansion used to be an "L" but during the Veritas episodes the crest changed all of a sudden to fit the story line?
Q: Did anybody ever find Mace Windu's body Obi-Wan survived his fall on Utapau, and Yoda could catch and deflect Force Lightning.Once he lost his lightsaber (and h
Q: Did any senators who supported Sidious's idea for an empire regret their decision after the creation of the Death Star and the imperial occupations on planets?
Q: Did Xigbar have as much authority as Saix in the Organization since he knew about the secret replica projects and was allied with Xehanort since the beginning?
Q: Did Priness Liea ever get to "be free" from Alderran traditions and live a life where she could act the way she wanted, dress the way she wanted, and make her o
Q: Did Padme ever wonder how she was going to explain to the queen of Naboo and her parents why she had kids if she couldn't reveal Anakin as the father when she m
Q: Did Obi-Wan know that The mission to Nelvaan was a trial for Anakin or did he really think Grievous was on the planet What about mace windu and papatine?
Q: Did Obama state: "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice"?
Q: Did Liea ever have her own personal, "free time" during her childhood on Alderrean where she could dress and act the way she wanted instead of always following
Q: Did JK Rowling ever state in an interview what Harry Ron and Hermione became when they grew up The epilogue did not state whether Harry became an Auror or not.
Q: Did Edward arrange for Phil Dwyer, Renee's husband, to get signed with the pro baseball team so that Bella would move to Floridea and be safe from him?
Q: Did Dr. Weir become more intelligent and/or obtain the Asuran's knowledge of Ancient technology as soon as her nanites began interfacing with the Asuran collect
Q: Did Danzo order Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan to just to steal their sharingans from their corpses? to add on top of that did Danzo order I tachi to kill Shisu
Q: Did Aizen have millions of weak arrancar footsoldiers and servants in las noches? It seems like there would be some room for that, I mean we have seen some alre
Q: Could the Devastation have been powered by any Force Crystal, like an Adegan crystals they stole from the Sedawan, or were there some specific ones they needed
Q: Could a Super Transformation Even More Powerful Than Hyper Sonic/Knuckles, Emerge by Using the Combined Power of Both the Super Emeralds and the Master Emerald
Q: Can you use stardust dragon's effect against another stardust dragon's effect when it attemps to negate the defense destruction effect of red dragon archfiend?
Q: Can you use my body as a shield to negate and destroy stardust dragon/assault mode when it is negating and destroying a monster which activated an effect?
Q: Can you use Darkness Neosphere against a face-up Destiny Board in the to a Mystical Space Typhoon (although the pieces would still be destroyed, the board would
Q: Can you guys add a races selection to the link bar that is under the search bar to get easier access to the characters; like bounts, mod souls, zanpakuto spirit
Q: Can you do the Wasteland Survival Guild after you kill Moira (Note: I didn't blow up Megaton and I disarmed the bomb) or is there a way to blow up the bomb afte
Q: Can one save game DURING the Final Onslaught, ie. at 50% Archdemon health for example, or is it like other battles where you cannot save during battle?
Q: Can force senstive people and non-force sensitive people see each other in death Did Anakin and Padme finally see each other again (or, in a way, reunite) when
Q: Can design drawings to be Destiny in Atlantis database So the Tau'ri can build their own or to study design and help Destiny expedition to explore the ship and
Q: Can anything be stupider than tha a man has the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of a river and his ruler has a quarrel with mine though I ha
Q: Can anyone give me a list of the possible relationships as a male character on KotOR 2 WITHOUT adding spoilers (Which is why I can't simply go to wookieepedia)?
Q: Can anyone expand upon Elayne's unraveling of the gateway she wove (specifically the effects of the explosion and if both sides of the gateway caused an explosi
Q: Can anybody please tell me who's voicing Terra, Aqua, Ven, Master Xehanort, Vanitas and Master Erauqs in the English version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep?
Q: Can I use dragon's mirror on Lord of D. and the dark hex-sealed fusion if both of them are either in the graveyard and/or on the field, to summon King Dragun?
Q: Can I tribute Ancient Gear Cannon to activate both effects of Ancient Gear Cannon and Cannon Soldier for an end result of 1000 Damage to my opponent and the Tra
Q: Can I ask a stupid question? At the very beginning of the game, I found and then sold the Pip boy flashlight not knowing that I'd need it later. now I cannot fi
Q: Are these cards ever going to come out in English (if so, when) Junk Archer, Sword Master, Tuner bomb, Lightning Warrior, Drill Warrior, X-Saber Wayne?
Q: Are there guildlines or instructions on how to choose the canon choices in the Knights of the Old Republic game, since you have to make a lot of choices in the
Q: Are there churches that believe the whole Bible is equally inspired by God (although New Testament is more relevant) and don't pick and choose what NT scripture
Q: Are there any The Sims Online veterans out there who maybe have saved their game files and can send me the polar bear avatar skin or know where I could obtain i
Q: Are any of the years in Star Wars matching ours For example, is the year of the battle of Yavin (considered as year 0 in Star Wars) matches (completely randomly
Q: Why are whales being stranded on the beach?
Q: How do I get dog urine smell out of tile floors?
Q: Is the naked brother band real?
Q: Why do lizards run across the side walk right in front of me?
Q: What is the symbol usually found next to Washington, D.C. What does it mean?
Q: Who was queen hatshepsut?
Q: What is the maine mineral type that oceanic plates are made up of?
Q: What is an .avi file?
Q: What is the linchpin of the constitution? -Deuces
Q: How did Miley Cyrus become famous?
Q: What does the word magisterium?
Q: What and when does Rosh Hoshanah celebrated?
Q: How can we help our plants and animals?
Q: When does doolord kazz reset?
Q: How long does it take for food to pass though your body?
Q: How do you free briggs?
Q: Where is Yoda from?
Q: What a four letter word for very small?
Q: What is the legal age in Florida to view pornography?
Q: What happened to a girl named neda in iran?
Q: How does an flood occur?
Q: Where can i find free online guitar lessons for beginners
Q: What does linchpin mean?
Q: Where is Vernon Hills, IL?
Q: Where does Vernon wells live?
Q: What are 4 vocab words from wuthering heights?
Q: What is the power of a sound wave AS A FUNCTION OFO FREQUENCY
Q: What is the extended range of a neutron bomb?
Q: What happens when you put a sock in the microwave?
Q: Where is vernon county
Q: Where was the 1991 NBA all star game held?
Q: What was Vernon Maxwells playoff career high in points scored
Q: Where is nba star vernon maxwell at?
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